Frequently Asked Questions


Customer segmentation is the process of dividing customers into groups based on characteristics or behaviour for the purpose of targeted marketing.

Ordinarily, this process takes time. Brandyfloss automates this process using artificial intelligence to process large volumes of data.

Yes. Provided you have 2+ years sales data, stock 1000+ different products, and have a database of 40k+ customers, and 500k unit sales per year, you’re an ideal candidate.

If you have an active loyalty program or some other method to connect sales to customers, then maybe.

Also, provided you have 2+ years sales data, stock 1000+ different products, and have a database of 40k+ customers, and 500k unit sales per year, you’re an ideal candidate.

Unfortunately, not. Brandyfloss is better suited to companies with historic sales data.

Sales data, product data and customer data. This table shows the basic data fields.

Sales Data

Product Data

Customer Data

Transaction Number (unique)*SKU/Barcode (unique)*Customer Number (unique)*
Date Sold (YYYY/MM/DD HH:MM)*Product Name/Description*Marketing Permission (yes/no)*
Total Cost*Product Category*Customer Email
Quantity Sold*Product Department*Customer Name
 Unit Price* 

*Fields required. Customer Email and Customer Name are not mandatory but including them saves you a lot of time later on.

By using Brandyfloss, you can:

  1. Get existing customers to buy more products from you. That’s much easier than getting new customers.
  2. Increase sales conversion – by providing accurate target customer groups.
  3. Learn more about your customers –  through detailed visual insights.
  4. Save time –  by producing these groups in seconds versus hours/days/weeks using conventional methods.
  5. Run more frequent campaigns – because you’re reaching the right audiences in smaller groups.

Absolutely. Check out our detailed case study with Irish retail chain 53 Degrees North.

Talk to our sales team.

Data Security & GDPR

Data security is our priority. Brandyfloss Ltd is a registered Data Processor (No. 16705/A) with the Irish Data Protection Commission. We maintain industry standard security measures to keep your data safe and secure both at rest and in transit. This includes but is not limited to:

  • 2048 Bit SSL to secure our websites
  • Firewalls
  • ISO 27001 certified hosting providers

For more details, please read our complete Privacy Policy.

As a limited company based in the European Union and providing services to EU clients, Brandyfloss is obligated to uphold GDPR laws. This includes keeping your data private and secure. Please read our Privacy Policy for more details.

No. Each client’s data is isolated and is only visible to the users listed on that account. A limited number of Brandyfloss employees with back-end administration also have access for support purposes.

Data is securely stored with ISO 27001 certified hosting providers on EU-based servers. No third-party has access to this data.

Yes, this data is safely stored. Also, by including these details, you save time when running your campaigns after you Export a customer group from the Brandyfloss platform.

Important: We recommend that your company Privacy Policy states that ‘customer data may be processed by authorised third-parties to deliver goods and services’. If you are EU-based or serving the EU market, this is a legal requirement.

Yes, but you should also include a field to indicate that they have opted out.

How it works

Once you’re set up all you do is:
  1. Log into your account
  2. Search and select the product you wish to promote
  3. Brandyfloss identifies the optimal target customer group and displays a dashboard of insights specific to that group
  4. Download the group members in CSV file format
  5. Import the group into your marketing email client or social media marketing channel
  6. Build a customer campaign and target the right audience every time
Brandyfloss identifies the optimal target customer group for any given product using advanced AI algorithms. It does this by identifying buyer behaviour and traits of customers for a given product and identifies customers with similar profiles from your customer database.
Unlike segmenting based on broad filtering (example: purchasing products within the same product category), Brandyfloss identifies complex patterns in sales data that are beyond human capabilities to negotiate with any accuracy with a reasonable time-scale.
Very. Brandyfloss can process 20 million lines or data a second.
Brandyfloss uses a client’s own sales data to produce bespoke customer segments. In contrast, Facebook’s ‘Saved Audiences’ are based on customer affiliations within the Facebook ecosystem.
Yes, and we encourage it. Provided the group exceeds 2,000 members you can upload it to Facebook Custom Audiences. You should expect awesome results by doing this.

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