How to connect your Shopify store to Brandyfloss

1. Login to your Shopify Admin account and select Apps from left menu

2. Select Manage private apps in the middle of the screen

3. Press on the Create a new private app button

4. Choose a name for your app (example: brandyfloss1) and enter your email address

5. In the Admin API section, click on Review disabled Admin API permissions

6. Enable Read access for Reports and Product information

7. Press the Save button

8. Press the I understand, create the app button

9. Log into Brandyfloss, click on the Profile image on the bottom-left and select Shop

10. Copy/paste your Shopify shop domain from the browser search bar into the API URL field in Brandyfloss
NOTE: Domain only, don't include "https://"

11. Copy/paste your API key and Password from Shopify into API Key and API Password in Brandyfloss.
Then press the Update button.

You should be ready to use Brandyfloss in 30-60 minutes.

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