How Brandyfloss works

For any given product, Brandyfloss can identify target customers that have never purchased that item from you, but would really like it.

How? Our powerful AI instantly identifies that they match the behaviors and traits of customers who have bought this item before.

Armed with insights on each group, you can reach them to promote your item, before they even know that they want it.


Our platform features are designed to make building your campaigns easy.

  • Potential Revenue

    Brandyfloss provides an estimated potential revenue for your campaign. This way you can prioritize the money-makers.

  • May Also Buy​

    Brandyfloss displays products that your customer may also want to buy. You could include some of these in your campaign to get extra sales.​

  • Persona

    We identify five areas where a target group differentiates from the rest of your customers. This helps you better identify with your audience.

  • Trending

    Brandyfloss shows you what products are trending among each target group. With this info, you know what to do.

  • Monthly Sales %

    You can see how your product is performing month-to-month, and how it compares to other product sales.

  • Year Over Year Revenue

    How has your product been performing the last two year? Find out with one simple graph.

  • Previous Buyers

    See how many buyers have previously purchased an item and how that compares to a customer group.

How do we get started?

Our expert technical team integrate your data (product, customer and sales) with our Brandyfloss engine. This may take several days, depending on the work involved. Don’t worry, your data is securely stored in state-of-the-art AWS servers, and is not accessible by any other party. 

Once this process is complete, you’re good to go.

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